Ever wonder about your building’s energy efficiency? Now is the time to make the switch to solar energy. Not only does a solar power energy audit reveal your home’s energy inefficiencies, but it also gives you suggestions for fixing them. You will reduce your solar power system’s size, which provides you with extra savings.

We make residential energy audits a seamless and hassle-free process at Gi. Our team of experienced energy analysts follows three easy steps:

  1. Evaluating past energy use: For an accurate home energy audit, we like to review at least the past two years of energy usage. Those records give our team a timeline to work from. We can spot trends and see where and when your home experienced an energy spike.
  2. Analyzing current energy use: With those records, we then inspect your home to see where it might be losing energy. Energy frequently escapes through doors, windows, and attics. Appliances can also have high unusual energy draws.
  3. Recommending remedial actions: Once we’ve inspected your home, we suggest potential fixes. If we notice your windows have air leaks — 30 percent of a home’s energy is lost to leaks — we would recommend sealing them. We also arrange our recommendations by their level of importance so you know which ones to tackle first.

A solar energy audit helps us design and build the best solar energy system for you and your home while also ensuring your investment. By knowing where your home is losing energy and eliminating that energy loss, you will lower your power needs. That means you will need fewer solar panels. This will result in a lower cost.

Interested in dropping your home’s energy needs even lower? Whether you are switching to solar or staying with a grid-based electric service, there are plenty of ways to reduce your home’s energy consumption. Here are some of the most popular ways to save:

  • Using LED bulbs, which use 75 percent less energy.
  • Unplugging vampire appliances, which account for 10 percent of home energy use.
  • Insulating roofs and ceilings, which saves 11 percent on energy costs.
  • Installing energy-efficient appliances, which results in savings of up to 30 percent each year.

Our team can always offer more advice as well as tailored suggestions via our energy audits.

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