Green Innovations, an Indian-based technology company, started by offering smart solutions for use in agriculture. In 2007, we introduced our first product, GiDRP5501 a smart plant watering system. Successively, Gi had offered a various smart solutions to solves farmers day to day issues, and in 2010, we turned our focus into building automation and smart home solutions. Over the years, Gi has continued to offer a variety of commercial, residential and industrial automation solutions.

R&D runs in our veins. At Gi, we do not find customers for our products, we rather find products for our customers. And thanks to our strong and diversified research team, we’re able to fulfill our customers customized requirements. Having a highly equipped lab with state-of-the-art instruments like LASER PCB prototyping device, 3d printers, desktop CNC machines and many other tools, prototyping and testing out new ideas happen in no time.

At Gi, we believe that a sustainable ecosystem could only be achieved by totally giving up our dependencies on fossil fuel based energy and relying on renewable energy sources like wind energy, solar energy, geothermal energy etc. Enough damage had already been caused by excessive carbon emission and we strive to bring down the carbon footprint down to zero by relying on alternative energy sources and also by developing new devices and algorithms that utilizes the energy efficiently.

Main Office Location

Gi is located in Vetturnimadam; just few steps from Christhunagar church and Bejansingh eye hospital. Our address is:

Green Innovations
537/1, 2nd Floor Varghese Plaza
Vetturnimadam, Nagercoil-3