We help farmers to speed up the decision-making process. With the help of aerial monitoring, the system notifies its users of critical changes in vegetation, sends real-time weather risks alerts, and automates the prioritization process within the field work planning tasks. The tool identifies problem areas, thus significantly saving time and money. As a result, all of these capabilities ensure that you won’t miss any important stages of field treatment and respond to any changes in a timely manner.

Our main task is to conveniently combine all of the information about your fields in one place, to identify and draw the farmers attention to problem areas. To achieve this, we collect data from different sources – aerial images, weather data, soil types, vegetation maps, among others – and supplement it with our own developments. After having analyzed the obtained data, the system notifies the user of potential risks and changes, enabling field-zoning and proper field treatment, as well as yield prediction. In the long run, the system allows for optimal resource utilization and effective decision-making.

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