The performance of a chiller unit is influenced by many external parameters most of which the chiller unit doesn’t have any control over. At ideal conditions, the chiller’s performance should be in par with the values mentioned in it’s spec sheet. Our analysis is based on 3 conditions. 1. Ideal condition, 2. Present working condition, 3. Adverse condition.

Each chiller under test is subjected to the above mention states by simulating all external parameters like chilled water inlet flow rate, cooling load, evaporator inlet temperature etc. All measured parameters are carefully noted for further evaluation and performance analysis.

After thorough analysis, a report sheet shall be generated consisting of the present working status of the chiller(s), recommendation to improve the performance and the anticipated performance improvement once the recommendations are followed.

Preventive/periodic maintenance schedule is also prepared in accordance with the site situation and chiller’s specification as a part of our performance analysis.

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