The major energy consuming system in any commercial building is the HVAC system. Chiller plant being the heart of any HVAC system, it is important to ensure the chiller plant and its related equipment operates in optimal condition.

A poorly configured Chilled water system consumes more energy that it is required and also causes more wear and tear than a properly tuned chilled water system; causing frequent failure of one or more components of the chilled water system.

Our experienced team carefully analyzes each component of the chilled water system, identifies poorly functioning components and offer suggestions that’ll improve the overall performance and efficiency of the chilled water system. Our team also identifies and points out if there is any design flaw in the chilled water system. Reconfirming the water balancing status of the system is also included in the scope of work.

Once analyzed, our team offers a detailed report mentioning the present status of the chiller plant and also provides suggestions that’ll improve the performance of the chiller plant. In many scenarios, following our recommendations had improved the plant’s overall efficiency by 15 to 20%.

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